About The Podcast

Who are we; and why do we have a podcast?

The hosts of the podcast are Bakji and Floss. We are proud kinksters who are in a kinky dynamic with each other, as well as identifying as non-mongamous. Bakji joined our local kink scene in 2014 and Floss made her way into the scene in 2015.

The brainchild of Bakji, ProudToBeKinky is all about the social and interpersonal side of Kink, Fetish and BDSM. We understand finding like-minded folk can make a huge difference to how you enjoy your kinks, this was true for us and we share our own experiences as both individuals and as a couple to help you find your way with your own kinky interests.

How long has the podcast been going?

We started releasing episodes in October 2016, and have now released over 100 episodes. As well as additional content on Patreon in the form of spin-off podcasts. Including archives of FemDom and Fetish Fun, Vanilla Chat, Relationship Engineering, Event Cast and Bakji v Floss, plus much more.

Is it just the two of you in all episodes?

Our back catalogue of episodes includes a mixture of guest episodes and episodes where it is just the two of us. We also combine discussions on specific topics and information on the latest kinky scenes we’ve had.

What is the ethos of the podcast?

While we do sometimes cover tricky topics, our overall aim is to be positive and inclusive. ProudToBeKinky is about embracing and exploring identities and lifestyles that we maybe not be encouraged to take pride in within other social situations.

I have a question related to Kink/Fetish/BDSM/Non-Monogamy etc, can I get in touch?

Absolutely! You can use the contact form this website, follow our social media buttons and get in touch through one of those, or you can email us via hello[at]proudtobekinky.com. We will do out very best to answer all your questions and we love hearing from our listeners and getting to know some of you better.

I’m a new listener, which episode should I start with?

Bakji says select any episode at random! Which wasn’t the answer I was hoping for when I asked him what episode he would recommend to new folks. Instead of his recommendation, I will point you to our most listened to episode; Episode 62 – FemDom Pleasures.

62 – Femdom Pleasures

FemDom is our topic of discussion this week. Both Bakji and Floss are big, big fans of FemDom which you may have noticed if you are a regular listener. If you are a new listening then you about to join us in our little world of FemDom for the first time.

I (Floss) however will point you towards an episode that is dear to my heart and that is Episode 48, where I hijacked the podcast to discuss being bisexual and what that means to me.

48 – Bisexuality

Bisexuality is our topic for today, inspired by the recent bi-visibility week and ally week, Floss asked Bakji if she could hijack an episode to discuss being bisexual. This is a bit of a one sided episode as Bakji as a straight man doesn’t have his own experience of being bisexual.